Customized Solutions

Offering you a variety of customized de-risking solutions

COVID-19 Advisory

Guidance on how to reduce your company’s risk during the re-opening phase of the pandemic

Companies face difficult decisions on when and how to re-open work locations safely. Given the ever-evolving pandemic landscape, having a team of experts at your side allows you to create re-start plans and protocols informed by data-driven insights. Our experts provide the latest guidance on a broad range of workforce and workplace health and safety issues. Our response team brings medical, scientific and risk management expertise and guidance to improve operational health outcomes.

Corporate De-Risking Advisory Services
1. Serial and Reactive Testing Strategy

We will help define the most effective Serial and Reactive Testing Strategy to provide surveillance against a COVID-19 outbreak taking into account your priorities and your budget.  Our approach incorporates both molecular (viral RNA detection) and rapid antigen (viral protein detection) testing that minimizes risk by combining maximal frequency and sensitivity in the process.

2. Vaccine Advisory

We will advise on a comprehensive vaccination strategy for your organization including steps to find the most effective path to vaccination for your employees. Our services include strategy, policies, protocols, risk management, distribution, awareness, education and monitoring.

3. Rapid Response Program

Given the highly contagious nature of the virus and the reality that transmission is still possible post-vaccination, we will see COVID-19 exposures and infections. Proactive planning is imperative to improve decision-making and outcomes for affected individuals and your business.

4. Return to Workplace Health Advisory

Our trusted health experts partner with your team to assess your existing plans and provide real time decision and implementation support.


5. Health Protocols and HR Policies 

Private Health supports your company’s ability to re-open safely by developing customized workplace-specific mitigation protocols and advising on HR policies to reduce employee exposure and assess and manage the business risks.


6. Health and Business Intelligence

Our risk management team provides real-time intelligence based on your unique needs to inform the intervention and risk management planning process.

Comprehensive Testing Advisory

A full range of services covering test strategy, selection, procurement and delivery 

Since the early days of the pandemic, test availability, affordability and turnaround time have varied by location and been significantly impacted by infection flares. New test options are continually emerging, but often difficult to validate and obtain. Private Health offers a full range of COVID-19 testing solutions for companies and individuals.

1. Testing Strategy

We develop a custom research-based serial testing strategy for companies tailored to specific workplaces and workforces and support its implementation. This includes conducting ongoing research to keeping abreast of the latest test technologies, evaluating and recommending testing vendors or arranging access to Private Health’s preferred labs.

2. Testing Education & Guidance

Receive comprehensive educational materials on best available testing options created by Private Health’s PhD-led Research Department, including test types, effectiveness and availability and advances in testing technology. Access to regular Private Health-hosted COVID-19 Expert Q&A Webinars.

3. Testing Sourcing for Individuals or Company Locations

We research and locate high quality tests from public and private sources with reasonable turnaround time for results. Available for an individual or by company location. Private Health develops and maintains a current list of reliable testing sources.

4. Group or Indidual Private Testing

Private Health can provide turn-key baseline and/or periodic testing solutions. This includes end-to-end company sponsored group testing programs, testing strategy advisory services, test sourcing and implementation. Private Health offers high quality self-administered test kits in addition to clinician collected test sampling.

5. Test Procurement Advisory

We provide testing advisory services, including education about supplies effectiveness, availability and turnaround times. This includes facilitating access to preferred test kit suppliers and lab services as appropriate.

Rapid Antigen at Home Solution

Trial Photo

Reliable, convenient tests to help you return to your work safety, travel, and spend time with family and friends

Private Health Management offers reliable COVID-19 rapid antigen testing from the comfort of your home. This test reveals if a person is currently infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus by detecting antigens, or viral proteins. Once the infection has gone, the antigen disappears. The test is reliable, convenient and cost-effective and can help you return to office safely, travel, and spend time with friends and family.

Our customizable corporate program may include:
  • Program management

  • Test evaluation and sourcing

  • Employee education

  • Launch and distribution support

  • Ongoing tracking and reporting

  • Clinical guidance, counseling, and support for test positive results


RT-PCR Self-Sample Testing Services

Reliable access to rapid result, high quality self-administered tests with end-to-end support

Private Health’s self-sample testing service  provides a convenient and reliable and guaranteed testing service to streamline baseline, serial or reactive testing  self-administered sample collection in the workplace or at home. Our team of experts continually validates the latest technologies to provide the highest quality tests from CLIA certified laboratories with personalized clinical counseling from our team of experts.

PHM testing kit
1. Test Program Design

Private Health consults with you to design an efficient baseline, serial and/or reactive strategy that meets your testing objectives

2. Gold Standard Test Kits

Receive high quality self-sample RT-PCR test kits with the option to test for influenzas and other respiratory diseases from the same sample

3. Processing in CLIA-Certified Laboratories

Follow the simple instructions for sample collection and return to our CLIA certified lab for priority processing 

4. Guaranteed Expedited Results and Delivery

Results will be delivered to you in a secure communication 24 hours after receipt of lab. Arrange for consent and results reporting to company contacts to support infection response protocols in the workplace.

5. Personalized Clinical Counselling and Guidance

Individuals who test positive receive personalized clinical counseling and guidance with a Private Health clinician 

Film and TV Production De-Risking Services

Enable productions to protect health safety of production staff, cast and crew

As the Film and TV industry returns to production, we provide a comprehensive set of de-risking services to minimize COVID-19 exposure and transmission. Private Health specializes in testing planning, procurement, onsite sampling and guaranteed results delivery including access to the lastest rapid results technologies.

film and tv production
1. Compliance Review and Recommendations

Based on the unique context of your production, Private Health reviews your protocols and conducts an on-site visit to evaluate and make recommendations on risk exposure and compliance issues.

2. Custom Production Risk Mitigation Planning

Private Health assesses risk factors that can impact production and develops production protocols to protect your cast and crew.

3. Testing Strategy Design and Program Implementation

We develop a customized testing strategy for pre-production, on-set and post-production testing. We then implement a full-service testing program utilizing licensed clinical staff including consent management, test procurement, sample collection and processing and timely results delivery. Rapid result test technologies are also available.

4. On-Set Health Safety Department

Our team establishes an on-set Health Safety Department to coordinate testing, screening, exposure prevention protocols and rapid response in the event of active infection.

5. Exposure & Infection Rapid Response

Our command center of experts works in close coordination with the Health Safety and production teams to manage a rapid response in the case of a positive COVID-19 case. Services include contact tracing, quarantining, rapid re-testing and infection control.

6. Cast and Crew Education and Compliance

Our highly skilled clinical team educates and continually coaches your cast and crew to consistently implement infection prevention protocols. We train your cast and crew on how to stay safe – on and off location – using common sense infection prevention protocols.